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The Belly Fat Story!

The Cenegenics Elite Health Program is supervised by highly trained doctors, nutritionists and exercise physiologists who ensure you are being treated for any underlying condition, making changes to your nutrition in easy step wise chunks, and adding in safe and appropriate exercise for you. Following this program many people have had the exceptional results like our before and afters below – and it’s a lot more than just how they look – all medical indicators have improved significantly!

Belly fat is a symptom of underlying medical issues. It isn’t just because you are overweight, especially if your protruding belly is firm on the outside, and if you have otherwise relatively leaner limbs. Even if you are carrying some extra kilos, if your belly is fatter and protrudes more than the proportional amount you are over weight it is most definitely pointing towards some underlying health issues.

Just cutting down on your food may not be enough for you to solve your belly fat issues. Increasing exercise can be uncomfortable and even dangerous without medical supervision. Belly fat is not an issue you should tackle on your own! Or with some cheap “lose your belly fat is 6 easy steps” type program!

Hormonal imbalance is the first issue that causes belly fat. It could be low or high sex hormones (male and female hormones in both men and women!), insulin resistance, or grehlin, leptin, insulin pathways not functioning correctly, or thyroid hormones not being produced or converted correctly.

Belly fat can also be a major indicator of chronic diseases such as cardio pulmonary diseases, stomach and digestive disorders, colon cancer risk, pancreatic cancer risk, and many more. Simply, having a fat belly increases your risk of developing many kinds of common diseases that put people in an early grave.

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