Build Muscle After 45?


Yes – You CAN Build Muscle After 45!

One of the major issues facing an aging population is the tendency to lose muscle mass each year after the age of just 35 years old!

Why is losing muscle mass a problem?

  • Muscle mass helps to keep your entire physiology working better – muscle burns more energy than fat, muscle has more insulin receptors than fat, muscle turns over more oxygen than fat…
  • Muscle mass provides a greater protection around your structure – the effort required to maintain your muscle mass also has benefits for your bone strength, coordination, flexibility, tendon and ligament health and strength, adding up to a less fragile body.
  • Well toned muscles improve your appearance – a look you can keep well into your 80’s and 90’s!

Cenegenics Elite Health Program aims to address all reasons for this loss of muscle mass in people over 35 – 45 (the age at which the effects of diminishing hormone levels begins varies from person to person).

We assess your hormonal levels, you general health, your risk factors and every aspect of your current condition. We then devise a program especially for you. In most cases we can dramatically increase natural hormone production just through dietary changes and exercise specificity.

However, if hormone replace therapy is required, we use very specific doses of bio-identical hormones. Cenegenics hormone replacement therapy is very precise, constantly monitored and used very sparingly. We have over 20 years of experience, and thousands of success stories just like the ones below.

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