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About The Cenegenics Program


Exercise is crucial for preventing or delaying age-related diseases. In order to maximize the benefits of age management, a personalized fitness program will be developed, tailored to your lifestyle goals. Programs typically combine resistance training, cardiovascular conditioning and flexibility exercise; however, you and your fitness/nutrition consultant will work together to establish the program that works best for you.

Nutrition Strategy

Cenegenics specializes in anti-inflammatory, low-glycemic nutrition programs focusing on natural and whole foods. By learning how to strategically build your meals, you can regulate blood sugar levels – staving off hunger – and potentially manage inflammation. Your fitness/nutrition counselor will utilize the collected data from your Elite Health Evaluation to assist in developing your personal nutritional plan to optimize your health and help you reach your goals. Your team will work closely with you through our entire relationship to continue to fine tune your nutritional needs.

Getting to Know You – Once you schedule your Elite Health Evaluation with us, you will be sent a thorough Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire, Neuro-Psychological Assessment, Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency Assessment and BDI II Analysis form. A complete picture of your lifestyle, physical and mental health lets us provide you the best care. It is most important that the forms are completed and  returned to our office well in advance of your evaluation to allow proper preparation.

Your Personal Blueprint to Elite Health

Hormone Optimization

Hormone optimization can restore balance to your endocrine system; elevating your mood, energy, mental acuity, sexual vitality and improving your body composition. It may also assist with restful sleep and other menopausal/andropausal (men’s menopause) symptoms. After hormone therapy begins, laboratory markers, such as hormone blood levels, are regularly scheduled to ensure appropriate and healthy hormone levels are maintained over the long term.

Hormone Optimization

Nutraceutical Supplements

In addition to choosing anti-inflammatory and low-glycemic foods, comprehensive nutraceuticals are incorporated into your program to maximize results. By including supplemental formulations, customized for Cenegenics patients, you will build, and sustain, Elite Health. In addition, we measure vitamin levels and cellular levels of micronutrients so we know, and you know, that everything you are doing is working.

Nutraceutical Supplements

Bloodwork Blueprint

At Cenegenics, we look beyond the routine testing – routine testing inevitably leads to routine diagnoses and routine care. We use a panel of over 90 lab tests to find out not only what conditions you may currently have, but equally as important, what future risks you may have. Think of it as a hormonal and metabolic blueprint. For your convenience, we schedule a time for a phlebotomist to come to your home or office and draw the labs in advance of your visit. Because of the specialized labs we are ordering, processing takes approximately 2 weeks.

Elite Health Evaluation

Our evaluation process is highly personalized and can last up to seven hours. The day is composed of additional diagnostics and goal-oriented consultations. We use your Elite Health Evaluation baseline results to develop a personalized medical program designed to help you look and feel younger, and fully rejuvenated. Our evaluation processes help identify and meet the criteria that will place you in the lowest possible risk category for disease—and extend your health span.

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As a result of Cenegenics’ extensive testing and analysis of each individual’s current health status, and the formulation of a personalized plan JUST FOR YOU, you will typically experience remarkable boosts in energy, increased mental acuity, revitalized sex drive and performance, strengthened immune system, increased lean muscle, reduced body fat, lifted mood, decreased stress and improved skin tone.