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The Elite Health Evaluation

The foundational cornerstone of the Cenegenics program is our Elite Health Evaluation. This is a full day of evaluations that set the metabolic, endocrine, ad physiologic baselines for your personalized healthy aging program. The evaluation includes the following:

  • Medical history review
  • Lifestyle assessment
  • Laboratory testing (complete, comprehensive testing of over 90 factors in your blood and urine)
  • VO2 Max evaluation (to assess fitness levels)
  • Strength and flexibility diagnostics
  • Body composition scan, heart disease and stroke risk assessment via carotid intimal-medial thickness testing
  • Neurocognitive testing consultation with exercise and nutrition counselor
  • Physical exam
  • Open-ended physician consultation with an experienced physician


Cenegenics is focused on preventive care: averting premature disability related to aging via medically sound strategies. Regardless of your age, we are here to guide you in regaining vitality and vigor, helping you maintain health and live well longer. We are committed to helping all of our patients achieve their health goals beyond what they believed was possible.

We are experts in using the latest technology and medical research to create a personally tailored medical program to help patients reach their optimal goals. We have an extensive understanding of the natural aging process and skill in optimizing the underlying biochemical and hormonal processes that lead to premature aging and the debility that comes with it.

Cellular Level Testing

Cenegenics - Your Partners In Health

Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention

This sophisticated, proactive program offers the most advanced technology and comprehensive laboratory screening to assess your risks. This program takes you beyond conventional testing, to genetic screening, advanced lipid panels, laboratory markers and cutting-edge imagery for evaluating arterial plaque and inflammation.

Cellular Level Testing

Telomere testing evaluates your health at the cellular level, is the best measure of the current length of a chromosome’s telomeres and has proven to be the most accurate method of determining your biological versus chronological age. It also provides a critical understanding of how lifestyle habits are impacting your health, further informing the development of a truly personalized and targeted Elite Health Program.

Telomere testing analyzes your cell’s ability to duplicate itself, this revolutionary procedure provides our physicians with critical data about your body. When a cell replicates, its telomere is shortened and the life span of the cell is reduced. Poor lifestyle factors – smoking, un-managed stress, being overweight, lack of exercise – can accelerate telomere shortening over time to the point where a cell cannot function properly. When cells can no longer divide, they die, and the risk of disease and premature aging increases.


Our treatment protocols result in a customized, personal and specific program to help you build a future filled with energy, vitality, and expanding personal freedom. Your team develops a personalized age-management medical program, the Cenegenics Elite Health Program, which works to achieve your goals as quickly and aggressively as possible.

Your Individualized Elite Health Program

Cenegenics Reaching YOur Health Potential

Our experts evaluate, track and refine your personalized Elite Health Program, constantly, to ensure progress, monitor results and modify protocols and regimens to deliver continual growth and healthy aging success.

Reaching Your Health Potential

Cenegenics provides you with a complete life-changing program – one built on low-glycemic and anti-inflammatory nutrition, exercise, nutraceutical supplementation, and hormone optimization. NO single element stands alone. The Cenegenics program is a symphony. Its effect is to keep your body in perfect harmony and support your prime objective – realizing your health goals and enjoying a life filled with verve, vigor and a heightened sense of well-being. Our evaluation processes help identify disease risk and our treatment protocols will put you in the lowest possible risk category for disease – and extend your health span!

   •    24-hour access to your support network
    •    Low-glycemic/anti-inflammatory nutrition
    •    Exercise plans
    •    Physician-designed nutraceutical-grade vitamins
    •    Prescription medicines (when clinically indicated)
    •    Disease risk management
    •    Hormone optimization (when clinically indicated)
    •    Online fitness and nutrition tracking on tablets, mobile devices and desktops