When people don’t feel well, or when their annual checkup comes around, they head to their family doctor, or local GP. The GP listens to your heart, takes your blood pressure and taps you reflexes. They might also ask a few questions, and order some blood tests. If anything comes back from those tests, your family doctor may prescribe the standard drugs to treat the problem. Or, you may get sent to a specialist if the problem isn’t clear-cut. Or maybe even off to the hospital if the problem is a bit more urgent!

Anti-Aging doctors, on the other hand, are trained in managing typical age related health risks BEFORE they become a drug requiring, or hospitalization requiring problem. Simply put, they manage your health on an ongoing basis so that common problems do not come up for you! The goal is to reverse typical age related and lifestyle related issues (heart disease, cancer risk, stroke risk, bone and joint risks, etc). And keep you feeling fit, youthful, and healthy well into old age.

Here are some very good questions to ask your doctor to find out if they have an interest in aging management (anti aging):

  1. Can aging and age related diseases be delayed or avoided all together?

This is a very important question! Avoid doctors who are dismissive of the debilitation associated with aging. If they say “you are just getting old” they are not trained or not aware of all of the scientific advances being made on a daily basis regarding health management in the aging population. Anti-aging doctors believe that it is possible to reverse, postpone, or prevent many of the typical age related issues and to live a fit and healthy life into advanced old age! Cenegenics doctors are living proof!

  1. What is your personal ant-aging plan?

Look for a doctor who practices what they preach! Don’t listen to weight loss advice from an overweight person! Don’t listen to anti-aging advice form a doctor who is already on statins at age 45! A good anti-aging doctor is fit, healthy, utilizing a clean diet that is personalized to them and taking supplements and medications as required that help them maintain their health (as opposed to medications that treat a condition). All Cenegenics doctors are on the Cenegenics program!

  1. How many of your current patients are being treated with a personalized anti-aging plan?

A dedicated anti-aging doctor only treats about 30 – 40 patients a year (rather than 30-40 patients a day for a regular GP). This is important as you are looking to invest in your long term health and wellness. You need to know that your doctor is as committed to your health as you are. You don’t want a doctor who is bogged down, stressed, over worked, and seeing so many people they can’t remember you!

  1. What are the latest advances in the anti-aging field?

Any good anti-aging doctor should be up to date with all the latest age management medical and scientific literature. Some anti-aging doctors, like those in the Cenegenics group, have the research done for them and are given just the best and brightest of the latest research – this saves them time and allows them to focus on managing their patient’s health.

  1. How often do you follow up with your patients?

Annual checkups tend to be the norm with family doctors and GP’s. If you have something go wrong then you get into the system just as long as it takes to sort out your problem. Cenegenics has a signature full day of Health Evaluations and follow ups every three months, as well as having your nutritionist, exercise physiologist and doctor on call if you need help. The Cenegenics program is the benchmark for anti-aging doctors in patient care.

The overall benefits of choosing to receive your health care with an anti aging doctor outweigh the slightly higher cost of the exceptional health care they provide. Most importantly is the insurance that everything is being done to help you avoid, postpone or reverse the so-called typical age related diseases as you get older.

What is the cost of heart disease, cancer, sore joints, obesity, being unfit? Let’s put it this way – the cost of a Cenegenics program is minimal in comparison to losing your life too early, being too ill to work, or the huge cost of decent medical care for these preventable diseases.

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