5 Natural Ways To Beat Menopause Symptoms

When women reach middle age they have to contend with the onset of menopause. This is an issue that you can’t really run from. However, there are ways to minimize the symptoms that come with menopause. Your General Practice Doctor might prescribe hormone treatment based on synthetic drugs that often have heavy side effects and risks that outweigh the benefits. While hormone replacement therapy may be indicated in some cases, you are not going to be working with the body’s natural systems. When you can, it is always best to support the body’s natural balance, rather than hitting problems with the sledgehammer of drugs. The following 5 natural lifestyle adaptations can help you balance your body, and health, over the long term. Fighting the signs of aging isn’t tough, it’s just a matter of shifting gears a bit.

Change Your Food

The first major thing that you need to do in order to combat the symptoms of menopause is to ensure you are eating “clean”. You should look at curtailing all processed, fast foods. Additionally, add cruciferous vegetables. These include a lot of great tasting options like broccoli, kale, and even cabbage. The goal is to eat greener to help with your endocrine system, and maintain a healthy weight. You’re going to find that your eating habits will impact the symptoms that you feel, and will help you feel better over time. This is just a piece of a larger puzzle, but it helps.

Exercise Often

One of the main reasons why weight is such a problem during menopause is because women stop working out. There’s a lot of reasons why your body may be signalling that you should stop. It’s not a good thing. Becoming a bit more relaxed in your efforts of maintaining weight, will cause problems with your overall health. You want to work towards balancing your body’s hormones, and you need to stimulate metabolic rate, and endocrine sustainability. This is done by exercising on a regular basis.

Meditate Every Day

Meditation has been proven effective for many areas of a person’s health and well being, and in a lot of different ways. You will find that if you can take 15 minutes out of your day to get alone time, you will see positives changes in your life. Menopause symptoms can cause alterations in mood as the body changes through hormonal imbalance. You can bring your mind to a better place, and realign your thoughts, by simply being calm for 15 minutes a day. Focus on slow breathing, and mindfulness. You’ll find that this simple task won’t take long, but will have lasting benefits.

Avoid Caffeine

It’s always nice to have that caffeine boost in the morning, but honestly, it’s not going to help. To avoid having issues with hot flashes, and other problems with your endocrine system, cut back heavily on caffeine. Find alternatives to coffee in the morning and stabilize your breakfast with more fiber and protein. Drink water as you wake up, as dehydration may occur over night. Cutting back on that morning coffee is not always easy, but the effort will pay off!

Get More Sleep

As women age, sleep becomes a tougher thing to balance. Once again the hormonal changes can affect your sleep. It’s important to get a full night’s sleep, up to 8 hours a day, on a regular basis. It’s also important to have a set schedule of sleep. Even if your sleep is disturbed, you should maintain the schedule of when you are in bed. Don’t cave in to the habit of staying up late, or getting up and doing things if you can’t sleep. You may have to take care of the airflow, lighting, noise and comfort of your sleeping quarters more now than ever before. However, good sleep hygiene will pay off by being more refreshed and renewed everyday!

It’s easy to dismiss the notion of “anti-aging” – many women just assume that it’s normal, and they are getting old. Just because you’re getting older, doesn’t mean that you have to give into the issues that come with this stage of your life. The body may be changing, but that doesn’t mean that you should accept being run down, having hot flashes, and other hormonal changes without fighting back. With a little push back, you can go through this time with ease, and even feel more energy than ever before.

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