Since mankind became self aware enough to understand death, people have sought ways to cheat it – indeed philosophers and religions ultimately look for immortality, or “life after death”, or theorize upon the meaning of death. So far no-one has found a solution!

Quite close on the heals of the quest for immortality, mankind has relentlessly searched for the “Fountain of Youth” – if we have to die, then at least let’s make it without the ravages of growing old and decrepit! We don’t want the arthritis, osteoporosis, heart disease, cancers, or even wrinkly skin of old age! Industries have sprung up over centuries looking for ways to stave of the aging process. Much of the anti-aging boom of last century amounted to not much more than snake oil!

However, modern science, and our ever evolving understanding of how the human body ages, has lead to increased accuracy of “Age Management Medicine”.

What is “Age Management Medicine”? Lead by Cenegenics research facilities in the United States, Age Management Medicine studies the manner in which so-called “age related” diseases develop, and is at the cutting edge of the science that tells us that these dis-eases should not be taken as a given in healthy aging! As the science of Age Management Medicine progresses, so does the realization that people should be able to live full and healthy lives well into old age, and that, on the whole, “old age” should be well into the 90’s or even 100’s.

But Age Management Medicine is not just about preventing diseases as we age! Coincidentally the methods used to maintain health, also tend to restore a healthy weight, increase muscle mass in men, trim down hormonal fat in women, improve skin tone and quality, increase libido, improve sexual performance, improve sleep and energy, and indeed, improve overall well being.

There is not one pill, or magic potion, that makes a great Age Management program, and its not as simple as just supplementing hormones. In fact, with Cenegenics, hormones are not prescribed unless clinically indicated. To truly benefit from age management programs there needs to be a combination of nutrient rich diet, vitamin, mineral and antioxidant supplementation, and a suitable exercise regimen.

The body is a sophisticated machine and years of free radical damage requires the right environment to repair itself. Equipped with the know how, and the means to make it happen, Cenegenics offers the most comprehensive Age Management Program on the planet.

Aging – Unbalanced or Inadequate Amount of Hormones?

For most of the modern era aging has been regarded as an inevitable degeneration of mind and body. The process of aging actually begins in our 30’s! Around this time our bodies begin to produce less of all the hormones, we begin to heal more slowly, our immune function decreases, and bone loss begins.

Shortly after these small signs begin, we start to set up the conditions for more serious diseases generally associated with aging – heart disease, certain cancers, various degenerative diseases, Alzheimer’s and other neuron-degenerative diseases, insulin resistance and Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, and ever expanding bellies!

But what sets this downward spiral off? The answer is not simple, however, in our modern world we are exposed to all kinds of environmental factors that did not exist a couple of centuries ago. We are surviving longer, due in part to an abundant food supply, better sanitation, and medical interventions that save our lives (regardless of the quality of those lives), but we are also experiencing greater debilitating illnesses that make the long years between 50 and death unpleasant to say the least and downright dreadful in the worst cases!

It has been said that at the age of 65 most people will begin to suffer from 5 diagnosed or un-diagnosed medical conditions, which in turn will necessitate 9-20 medicines, for the remainder of their lives. That is no way to live!

Advancements in medical research indicates that much of the cause of aging and its symptoms are due to a shrinkage in our endocrine glands. Many of us are not aware of how many toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis without realizing it. Of major influence are the likes of mercury and PCB insecticides often used in the cultivation of grocery fruit and vegetables. Purchased to enhance health and absorb nutrients from, many of the foods we eat unknowingly cause more harm than good. This is why it is worth the extra money to pay for organically grown produce. Buying produce of questionable quality has a price tag you are less likely to notice – years off your life.

Another deficiency of prominence in the aged is what occurs in the cells of the GI tract that restricts our access to the most important vitamins and nutrients. It has been said that once a person reaches 45-55 the body no longer has the ability to absorb adequate amounts of vitamin B12 in the small intestine. Therefore without daily supplementation, aging is inevitable. It has been suggested that anyone within this age range to take this supplement sub-lingually for the best results and supplement on a daily basis. Only sub-lingual Vitamin B12 helps the body regain or enhance muscle and neurological control.

Around the same age (45 – 55) the liver stops producing IGF-1. IGF-1 is critical in the repair of cells in the body. Other deficiencies include a decline in MSH, which is why our hair changes from brown to grey, blond to white.

The worst culprit of aging by far is the undetected damage to our DNA that has accrued over the years from bad eating, unhealthy habits and lifestyles. Nutrition is not a topic most people truly know much about. We have the food pyramid in mind when preparing meals, portioning out fruit, vegetables, dairy, meat etc.. and yet understanding the science of our consumption is a topic largely understated. People need to further educate themselves, for within our food is the potential to be ageless – if only we knew how.

The sad state of affairs is that free radicals cause DNA damage at the rate of approximately 7,000 times per day. Since we lack the enzyme defence against the most chemically reactive of free radicals “the hydroxyl radical”, due to our depleted IGF-1 and hormonal imbalances, we must make sure our glutathione levels are adequate.

When we were younger, this was not the case, as we were able to produce enough glutathione to counter the attack of free radicals.

One antioxidant of power that someone concerned with aging might like to consider is COQ12. Ubiquinol is a reduced form of CoQ12 and a key nutraceutical that helps prevent heart disease in the aged. It is highly suggested in the treatment of age degenerative disease.

How to increase your chances of aging gracefully?

  • Sublingual Vitamin B
  • Ubiquinol – COQ12
  • Assure your hormones are tested for imbalances and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to fill the gaps
  • Never underestimate the power of VITAMINS A, B, C, D and E
  • IGF-1 Supplementation
  • Peptides that stimulate the hormones that are depleting rapidly in the body
  • Eat an organic diet rich in nutrients – the more plant consumption the better so long as it is free from pesticides, insecticides and other nasties
  • Good source of Lean Protein
  • Regular Exercise
  • Reduced Stress
  • Limited exposure to any and all toxins
  • Stay hydrated
  • In order to age gracefully you must have sufficient anabolic hormones
  • DHEA supplementation where necessary
  • Get your sleep and make sure it is uninterrupted.

Looking after your body as it ages is up to you. You can debate all you like about what is “natural” and what isn’t. The fact is that once you reach the age of 40, 50, 60, and above, what will matter most is that you are alive and able to enjoy a decent quality of life – what that means is, naturally, highly individual. Some people will accept taking 5 – 10 different medications, each with unpleasant side effects and poor interactions with each other, just because that’s what’s expected as you degenerate and get old.

Others will search out and explore a better way to live, will expect that they can indeed enjoy their “golden years” with grace and dignity and will demand better health for themselves and their family.

Cenegenics is here to help those who believe they don’t need to “grow old” as they age. We are at the cutting edge of Age Management Medicine, and have been right from the start. Our patient success stories and transformations speak for themselves. And we invite you to pick up a FREE copy of our “Guide to Healthy Aging” today.