ManBoobs, Moobs! You Don’t Want ’em!

Gynecomastia, enlarged breasts in men and boys, often called man boobs, moobs, or other slang terms, is most often caused by hormone imbalance. Actual gynecomastia is the development of breast tissue. Overweight men also carry extra flab around their chest area that may look like gynecomastia, but is really just excess fat in the breast area. Some men are both overweight and suffer from gynecomastia!

Men produce a lot of testosterone and a little estrogen. Of particular importance for men is the over abundance of estrogen in our entire eco-system. Many chemicals, foods, products, petro-chemicals, etc., carry either an exact female estrogen, or molecules so similar that the body converts them into estrogen very easily. Even testosterone itself can be converted into estrogen in a man’s body! This over supply of estrogen can cause the gynecomastia, and is a known player in developing prostrate cancer and other hormone-related serious illnesses. Having man boobs, moobs or gynecomastia is a serious issue and needs to be dealt with by experienced medical practitioners.

Cenegenics are specialists in the field of restoring hormone balance.

We prescribe finely balanced bio-identical hormones and monitor and measure as we bring you back into balance. Not only that but we are well aware of the environmental aspect of hormonal imbalance. Our nutritionists taylor a plan for you that helps you to eliminate the most prevalent exogenous sources of estrogen. Additionally, the right exercise program can assist with restoring your natural hormonal balance.

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