Cenegenics for Men


Increase your energy and stamina, improve libido, decrease body fat, improve your performance at work and home, and extend your health span. Cenegenics have been pioneering men’s health for over 18 years and we have helped thousands of men live a healthier more productive life.

Hormone Balancing For Men

Cenegenics pioneered hormone therapy for men. Our vast experience and cutting-edge methods, allows the restoration of your hormones to youthful levels. Designed for high performance men who have to be at optimum levels, mentally and physically. Hormone restoration can change your life! You can start at any age – even if you’re a regular at the gym with a good current state of health your hormones may not be perfectly balanced – find out with Cenegenics and make sure you are on track!

Age Management For Men

The Elite Health Program is our signature program. Designed to extend your health span it is an integrated preventative medicine program that allows you to take control of your aging processes. Using highly advanced diagnostics & preventative techniques this program goes beyond any other age management program in the world.

It all starts with the Elite Health Evaluation; this gives us a baseline of your current health and your rate of aging at a cellular level. We then combine hormone balancing as required, nutritional guidance, exercise prescriptions, preventive medicine, and any other medical intervention you may require to ensure that you enjoy a long and healthy lifespan, free of disease, as you age.

This is NOT “anti-aging” as people think of it – it is SO MUCH MORE than that! Our award-winning doctors and a team of exercise coaches and nutritional support coaches consult to create a personalized and customized total health, wellness and medical program designed especially to keep you young and vital as you get older.

Think of it this way – you are successful because you have a business plan, and you have a financial plan to safeguard your future – so shouldn’t you have a health plan as well?

Intelligent Weight Loss

There are many good reasons to manage your weight, but for some men it is really hard and nothing seems to work! If you have tried every diet going around without success, or with short term success, only to see the weight bounce right back on, don’t worry.

Cenegenics looks at aspects of managing and loosing weight that are usually overlooked, or not well understood. Our methods include managing the hormones that can block even the most determined dieter from loosing or keeping off excess weight, along side our incredibly easy nutritional plans (easy because they are tailored precisely to what YOU need nutritionally, based on your Elite Health Evaluation results – so you do find it easy to stick to!).

Dr Leake on Testosterone:

With all the conflicting reports about testosterone replacement, it is nearly impossible for the average person to sift through all the studies and opinions to make an informed decision.

A consensus statement published in the prestigious Mayo Clinic Proceedings, Fundamental Concepts Regarding Testosterone Deficiency and Treatment: International Expert Consensus Resolutions, should help clarify the issues.

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Using the world's most advanced diagnostic system, we look at every person as an individual and deliver a personalized, preventive medicine approach to keep you healthy and vital as you age.