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Sleep Issues 

Problems sleeping can be caused by a variety of issues from depression, to hormonal imbalance, to hypertension and, more seriously, sleep apnea. Long term fatigue, waking with a feeling of not having had enough sleep, depression, hypertension, unusual clumsiness, are all signs that your quality of sleep may not be sufficient.

Sleep apnea is when you actually stop breathing while you sleep. Regardless of the cause (which should be investigated) the result is the brain (and the whole body) does not get enough oxygen. Over the long term this can have serious health ramifications. Do not leave suspected sleep apnea untreated!

One of the most common issues in people over 40, aside from sleep apnea, is poor sleeping patterns. There are many reasons for poor sleep and one of the most common underlying issues is hormonal imbalance. Diet, lack of exercise and lifestyle factors come into play as well.

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