Biomarkers of Health – The VO2 Test


From Dr. Leake:

The VO2 test or Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test (CPET) is perhaps my favourite test to do on our patients. It is a key part of the Cenegenics Elite Health Evaluation initial work up and it is an essential part of our annual patient evaluations.

I believe this test, along with insulin sensitivity (HOMA-IR), is the best marker of healthy aging we have. Our Elite Health Program is designed to improve both of these in all of our patients and I believe that patients who have high values on these VO2 tests have a great prognosis for a well lived and long lived life.

The CPET is rather sophisticated and can be used in a variety of ways in diagnosing many medical conditions.

First, it is a stress test and can be used to ascertain whether you have a higher likelihood of occult cardiovascular disease from a functional standpoint.

Secondly, it can allow us to know confidently that we can set exercise programs for you safely at sufficient intensities to maximize the return on your investment in exercise.

Among the values determined in this test is the VO2 max or maximum oxygen uptake. This result has a high predictive value on mortality from cardiovascular disease as well as from any cause. Bottom line, the higher the value, the lower the death rate.

In addition, we get patient specific information on what heart rates correspond to the aerobic and anaerobic zones. This allows us to use specific heart rate targets in the design of your aerobic training program that maximizes results in a time efficient manner.

Maximizing and maintaining VO2 max should be the first exercise consideration for all individuals – and something of high importance in everyone’s lives! A declining VO2 max is a poor prognostic indicator and it is why it is the first thing we look at on your evaluation. For me, there is nothing that is more meaningful than this test and that is why it is such an essential part of our patient’s Cenegenics program.

If you would like to find out more about how the Cenegenics Elite Health Program can help you achieve the best health, fitness and waistline you have ever experienced in your life, at any age, please contact Stephanie here.