Cenegenics for Women


Increase your energy and stamina, improve libido, decrease body fat, have better skin, mood, memory, improve your performance at work and at home and extend your health span.

Cenegenics have pioneered Age Management Medicine and Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for women.

Bio Identical Hormones for Women

Cenegenics have treated thousands of women who are looking for a doctor to responsibly guide them through the ins and outs of hormone imbalances and bio-identical hormone therapy solutions. We understand what you are looking for!

Our Bio Identical Hormone Replacement program is unique. You will take an advanced hormone test, as well as a blood test, to identify the imbalances that changes in hormones can create anywhere in the body. If medically indicated we prescribe personalized, bio identical hormones, of the highest quality, in safe and effective doses. We can also provide many delivery methods, from daily ‘roll on’ creams to once a week formats.

Age Management for Women

The Cenegenics Elite Health Program is our signature program. It is an integrated preventative medicine program that allows you to control your aging processes. Using highly advanced diagnostics & preventative medicinal techniques and therapies, the Elite Health Program goes beyond conventional anti-aging concepts! Cenegenics Elite Health Programs are not simply about an aesthetic treatment, or surgical procedure, but it is a doctor led age management program that works from a cellular level – from the inside out.

It all starts with the Elite Health Evaluation; this gives us a baseline of your current health and rate of aging at a cellular level. We then combine hormone balancing with cutting edge preventative medicine designed to help you look and feel amazing, as well as ensuring that you have a long and healthy lifespan.

Our highly trained age management doctors, and your dedicated team of exercise coaches and nutritional support coaches, consult to create a personalized and customized total health, wellness and medical program designed especially to keep you younger as you get older.

Intelligent Weight Loss

There are many good reasons to manage your weight but for some women it’s really hard and nothing seems to work. If you have tried every diet going don’t worry. We look at aspects of managing and losing weight that are usually overlooked that can block even the most determined dieter from losing or keeping off excess weight. Whatever the issues are that are preventing you from losing weight – we will uncover them in the Elite Health Evaluation!

Using the world's most advanced diagnostic system, we look at every person as an individual and deliver a personalized, preventive medicine approach to keep you healthy and vital as you age.